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What we do


Loyalty Program

Fairloy is the best loyalty program available in North America. It allows users to save money on each purchase at our participating Client Locations.


Help to Grow Business

One of the best platform for the businesses to provide Loyalty to its Customers.Fairloy is one card with multiple benefits, It provides business to offer different promotions and coupons other than loyalty.


Great Support

You can rely on us 24/7 for an exceptional customer service. We provide a great support for both our clients and users to enjoy the benefits provided on our platform.

About Us

Fairloy Card provides the best and easiest way for the customers to see how much they saved on their purchases at our participating clients. Once you Sign Up on our portal you will see the dollars you saved on your previous purchase.

This loyalty Card is fair and transparent to our customers and you can see the exact dollar amount you saved instead of the complex points system.


You will get a FREE FAIRLOY card once you Sign Up

Get your Money Back
Redeeming your Dollars is easy like never before....
You can redeem your dollar amount at the very next purchase, you don’t have to wait to accumulate points to redeem your money.

How It Works

Fairloy is a unique loyalty program for customers to SAVE WHILE THEY SPEND.

Benefits of using Fairloy Card:

1. Sign Up is FREE


3. Our ONE CARD can be used at all client partners

4. Redeem is EASY – provide registered phone number at checkout

5. Exclusive PROMOTIONS only for Fairloy Users

How it Works:

1. Get a Fairloy Card from our client partners or Sign Up Here

2. Scan your Fairloy card OR provide your registered phone number at checkout

3. Only registered users can Redeem

4. Login and view your savings, transactions and exclusive promotions

5. Loyalty dollars can be redeemed at the location where you saved

Why Fairloy?

Customers who earn more with your Business, spend more with your Business!”

Fairloy is a New and user friendly platform for the businesses to provide loyalty for its customers. We are integrating the Information Technology and Data Technology to provide the best engagement results between a Business and Customer.


Fairloy- you are really a fair loyalty partner. With Fairloy, I not only got regular customers but also go to know them personally, what they need, what they like and many more. Really recommend this for any business if you are looking to increase your customer scale and satisfaction.

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